Ziontronics Company

ZIONTRONICS specializes in promoting active, passive, Electro-mechanics, optoelectronics and other electronic components from a variety of leading manufacturers from all over the world. The company was founded in 1987 by Zion Siman Tov, the company's owner and its General Manager and is located since then in the hi-tech area of Ramat-Hachayal, Tel Aviv on 1,000 square meters of offices and warehouse.

Broad customer base

Due to large experience of 30 years of operation the company mange to develop a broad customer base among top Israeli companies in the hi-tech industry, that manufacture industrial, commercial, military and communication equipment, smart home and security systems, vehicle tracking systems and air condition controllers, for the local market and also for worldwide exports.

Leading in the electronic components field

In addition, our company is one of the leading manufacturers representative and stocking distributor in the field of electronic components in Israel. Almost all of its suppliers coroperate with Ziontronics Ltd since it was founded, like Salecom, Liteon, Mercury, PDC, Tai-Technology (Taiwan), Tai-Tech/Superworld (Singapore), Myrra (France) and many other partners.

Therefore, The main goal of Ziontronics Ltd is to give its customers a wide solution that will be as inclusive as possible, while supplying most of the electronic components needed for a project, in the shortest and the quickest time as possible.

Experience team 

The company has 20 employees with a large experience, are known most of all for their wide knowledge, professional service & support, as well as their good and trustful relations with its customers. 

Starting year 2000 "Elina-Micro”, which operates as leading distributor for Microchip who specialized in the field of microcontrollers and acts as a sister company to Ziontronics and they operate together under the same roof.

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