Founded in 1975 LITE-ON Technology Corporation is the longest running and largest-scale opto-electronic components supplier in Taiwan; based on the strong R&D resources, LITEON has been able to cover extensive opto-electronic product lines including White LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamp LEDs, LED Displays, Photo Couplers, Infrared Components etc.



  • Chip LED Top View: 0603,0805,1206 Packages, Dome/Inner Lens, Reverse mount
  • Chip LED Side View
  • Chip LED Bi-Color: Top View, Side View, Reverse Mount
  • Chip LED Full Color
  • Chip LED White Color: Top and Side View
  • PLCC LED: Top and Side View

High Power LED:

  • PLCC-6 LED 0.5W and 1W
  • Emitter Type LEDs 1W,3W and 5W
  • Power Flash

Through Hole LED Lamps:

  • Regular 3mm and 5mm round all colors
  • White 3mm and 5mm round
  • Circuit Board Indicators, CBI
  • Bi Color 3mm and 5 mm round
  • Super Flux high intensity lamps
  • Oval and Flat lamps

LED Display Products:

  • Seven Segment: Single Digit, Dual Digit,Triple Digit,Quadruple Digit
  • Alphanumeric
  • Light Bar/Array :1X1,1X4,1X10,
  • SMD Display:Single and Dual Digit
  • Dot Matrix :5X7 ,8×8 ,5×8,16×16,4×4
  • Graphic
  • White Display
  • Display Module and Graphic Display

Infrared Products:

  • Infrared LED 3mm and 5mm Round 850nm,875nm,880nm and 940nm
  • Infrared LED Side Look
  • SMT Receiver and Emitter
  • Photodiodes: Cylindrical ,Side Look and Surface Mount
  • Phototransistors: Top and Side View

Photocoupler Products:

  • Phototransistor Output: SOP4,SOP8,DIP4,DIP6,DIP8,DIP16 Package
  • Photodarlington Output: SOP4 ,DIP4,DIP6,DIP8 PACKAGE
  • High Speed Output: DIP8 PACKAGE
  • Phototriac Output: DIP6 PACKAGE


  • Opto Switch
  • Single Transistor Output: Actuator, Reflective and Slotted Type
  • Single Transistor Output with Connectors: Actuator and Slotted Type

Receiver Module Products

Encoder Products:300LPI and 150LPI

Fiber Optic, Photolink

IrDA Products:

  • Serial Infrared (SIR ) 115.2Kbit/s
  • Fast Infrared  (FIR)  4.0Mbit/s
  • FIR +RC
  • Infrared Interface

Digital Light Opto Sensor