Tone Parts Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer in Shenzhen City of China who manufactures multifunctional and waterproof switches and phone jacks.Tone Parts Electronics Offers more than 2000 types of switches at present. They are widely used in A/V equipments, alarm equipments, digital cameras, DVs, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, electronic toys, study machines, computer equipments, auto electronic parts and more.



  • Tact switch
  • Tact Switch With Led
  • Lever Switch
  • Water Proof Tact Switch
  • Vertical Tact Switch
  • Detector Switch
  • Push Switch
  • Vertical Slide Switch
  • Horizontal Slide Switch
  • Horizontal Tact Switch
  • Multiway Switch
  • Rotary Switch
  • Double Action Switch
  • Connector series:
  • Board To Board Connectors
  • SD Socket
  • USB
  • FPC-1.0PH
  • FPC-0.5 PH
  • FPC-0.3 PH