Superworld electronic Group was established in 1993 as an electronic components manufacturer. Superworld specializes in Designing and Manufacturing of SMD Power Inductors, Radial/Axial Inductors and Toroidal Choke Coils; Multilayer Chip Beads/Inductors, Multilayer Chip Arrays, Multilayer High Frequency Chip Inductors and Wire-wound Common Mode Filter; Power Transformers, High Frequency Transformers, CCFL Transformers and Adaptors; Lighting Ballasts and RJ 45 Modular Jack with Integrated Magnetics.

In 1997 Set up Tai-Tech Advanced Electronics (S) Pte Ltd Sales & Marketing Office Tai-Tech is one of the largest manufacturers in Taiwan with a global reputation for technical excellence and superior customer service. Our complete ranges of magnetic components are comparable to those of major market competitors but with a more competitive price, shorter lead time and premium quality.




Unshielded Type Power Inductors:
• Low Cost Power Inductors in Various Cases
• High Energy Storage Power Inductors in Standard Cases 1608,2012,3316,3340,5022
• Miniature Multipurpose SMD Power Inductors
• Small Profile Power Inductors for Low Inductance Range
• Rugged Design High Current Power Inductors in Cases 3316 & 5022

Shielded Type Power Inductors:
• Power Inductors in Cases 1608,2012,3308,3316,5022
• Shielded Types Multipurpose Power Inductors
• High Performance Ferrite Shielded Power Inductors
• Magnetic Shielded, Rugged Design Power Inductors
• Magnetic Shielded Chip Inductors in Case 1008
• Low Profile Magnetic Shielded Power Inductors
• Very High Current Power Inductors

Molded Wire Wound Chip Inductors:
• Molded Type Wire Wound Chip Inductors in Cases 1210, 1812, 2220
• Molded Type Wire Wound High Current Chip Inductors in Cases 1210,1812

Ceramic Wire Wound RF Chip Inductors:
• Standard 0402,0603,0805,1008
• High Current 0603 CASE
• Low Profile 0805 & 1008 Cases
• High Q 0805 & 1008 Cases

Single Line Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Wire Wound Chip Inductors:
• Standard 0806,1008,1206,1210,1812,2220 Cases
• High Current 0806,1008,1206,1210,1812 Cases
• High Q 1206 Case

Miniature Wirewound Common Mode Filter 0805 & 1206 Cases

Low Profile SMT PowerInductors:
• Small Profile SMT Inductors for Low Inductance Range
• Ultra Low Profile Power Inductor

Through Hole Radial Type Power Inductors, Include Shielded Type


Ferrite Chip Beads:
• Ferrite Chip Beads for GHZ Applications
• Ferrite Chip Beads With Ultra Low DCR
• Ferrite Chip Beads With Low or High Impedance
• Ferrite Chip Beads With High Impedance for High or Low Speed Applications
• Ferrite Chip Beads for High Current applications

– Ferrite Chip Inductors in Cases 0603, 0805, 1008, 1206, 1210, 1812
– High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductors in Cases 0402, 0603, 0805
– Ferrite Chip Bead 4 Line Array
– 3 Terminal EMI Filters for EMI Broadband Suppression 0805 & 1206 Cases


• 10/100 Base -TX Single Port RJ45 TAP Up & TAB Down With Leds
• 10/100/1000 Base -TX Single Port RJ45 TAP Up With Leds
• 10/100/1000 Base -TX Multi Port RJ45 TAP Up With Leds
• RJ45 /DUAL USB Combo With Leds