• Through-Hole with various can heights
  • Through-Hole tuning fork 32.768Khz T18,T26 and T38 packages
  • Surface mount with various 4 pad ceramic leadless packages
  • Surface mount 2 pad bent lead
  • Surface mount 2 pad tuning fork 32.768Khz

Clock oscillators:

  • True Sine wave output with 50-Ohm load and 10K//10PF load
  • Square wave with HCMOS, PECL and LVDS output

  • Low EMI Spread Spctrum Oscillators
  • VCXO (Voltage Control XO) with Square and Sine wave output, SMT and Through Hole Packages
  • TCXO (Temperature Control XO) with Square/Sine/Clipped Wave Output
  • VCTXO with Square/Sine/Clipped wave output
  • OCXO
  • Filters, Surface Mount and Through Hole


Mercury electronics has manufactured frequency controlled products since 1973. Mercury products include variety of crystals, oscillators & resonators: Surface mount and thru hole quartz crystals, clock oscillators, VCXO (voltage controlled crystal oscillator), TCXO (temperature controlled crystal oscillator), VCTCXO (voltage controlled temperature compensated crystal oscillator), OCXO (oven controlled crystal oscillators), timing modules, programmable oscillators and low EMI spread spectrum clock oscillators.