Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd. (PDC) was founded in 1990 as the 1st local manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan for ceramic dielectric powders and multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs). Its product line includes the SMD magnetic chips, power chokes, coils, diode, resistors and transformers.



  • FK/FH Safety Certified Capacitor Series (X1 Y2 and X2Y3)
  • FV Extra High Voltage Series (UR>3KV)
  • MA High Voltage Series (1KV<=UR<=3KV)
  • MA Medium Voltage Series (100V<=UR<1KV)
  • FL Low Dissipation
  • MA Series Green Type High Capacitance Capacitor Series
  • MA General Purpose Capacitor Series (UR<50V AND CAP<=1.0uF)
  • MA High Capacitance Series (CAP>=1.0uF)
  • HH High Q and Low ESR Capacitors Series


  • FTC Thick Film, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FPF High Power, Thick Film Lead Free >1R
  • FPF High Power, Thick Film Lead Free <1R
  • FTF Trimmable Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FNF Surge. Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FVF High Voltage, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FHF High Resistance, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FMF Metal Strip Lead Free, Current Sensing Resistor