• FK/FH Safety Certified Capacitor Series (X1 Y2 and X2Y3)
  • FV Extra High Voltage Series (UR>3KV)
  • MA High Voltage Series (1KV<=UR<=3KV)
  • MA Medium Voltage Series (100V<=UR<1KV)
  • FL Low Dissipation
  • MA Series Green Type High Capacitance Capacitor Series
  • MA General Purpose Capacitor Series (UR<50V AND CAP<=1.0uF)
  • MA High Capacitance Series (CAP>=1.0uF)
  • HH High Q and Low ESR Capacitors Series


  • FTC Thick Film, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FPF High Power, Thick Film Lead Free >1R
  • FPF High Power, Thick Film Lead Free <1R
  • FTF Trimmable Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FNF Surge. Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FVF High Voltage, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FHF High Resistance, Lead Free Chip Resistor
  • FMF Metal Strip Lead Free, Current Sensing Resistor


Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd. (PDC) was founded in 1990 as the 1st local manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan for ceramic dielectric powders and multiple-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs). Its product line includes the SMD magnetic chips, power chokes, coils, diode, resistors and transformers.