Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 1976, specializes in producing toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, pushbutton switches, dip switches and tact switches.



Toggle switches:
• Miniature toggle switches
• Sealed miniature toggle switches
• Sub-miniature toggle switches
• Sealed sub-miniature toggle switches
• ultraminiature toggle switches

Pushbutton switches:
• Snap-Acting Momentrary Pushbutton Switch
• Sealed Snap-Acting Momentary Pushbutton Switches
• Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches
• Sealed Sub-Miniature Pushbutton Switches
• Alernate Action Pushbutton Switches
• Micro-Miniature Pushbutton Switches
• Illuminated Pushbutton Switch

Rocker switches:
• Miniature Rocker &
• Sealed Rocker & Paddle Switches
• Sub-Miniature Rocker Switches
• Sealed Sub-Miniature Rocker Switches
• Power Rocker Switches

– Slide switches,subminiature slide switches and subminiature sealed slide switches
– Dipswitches
– Tact switcheds,include washable
– Key switches,include illuminated