yellow stone

YELLOW STONE CROP was founded in Jone 1991, specialize in the expert Production of Electrolytic Capacitors and LED products. All products are manufactured Under internationally approved standard and quality control.



Led Lamps

  • Ultra Led Lamp
  • Standard Led (Resistor LED Lamps)
  • Standard Led (Round Types for 3Ф, 3.4Ф, 4Ф, 4.7Ф, 4.8Ф, 5Ф)
  • Standard Led (Rectangular Types)
  • Standard Led (Cylindrical & Tower Types)
  • Bigger size led Lamps
  • Low-current led Lamps
  • Dual-chip LED Lamps
  • Dual-chip & Tri-State LED Lamps
  • Flux LED Lamps

Chip Type LED Lamps:

  • Chip Led Lamps  0402, 0603, 0805,1206
  • Chip Led Lamps  Right angle lens
  • Mount dual color led lamps
  • Mount Tri-Color LED Lamps
  • Infrared /Photo Chip LED Lamps
  • Axial Led Lamp

Infrared Products:

  • Infrared Series led lamps
  • Receiver Module Series
  • Photo Interrupter
  • Photo Coupler

LED Displays:

  • Single-Digit LED Displays
  • Dual-Digit LED Displays
  • Three- Digit LED Displays
  • Four Digit LED Displays
  • Led Light Bar &Bar Graph Arrays
  • Led Dot Matrix Displays
  • 1W and 3W High Power led