Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of resistors manufacturing and distribution experience.



Chip, Chip Arrays Resistors:

  • GeneralPurpose – Thick Film [0402,0603,0805,1206,1210,2010,2512,0201]
  • Wide Terminal – Thick Film [0508, 0612, 1020, 1218, 1225]
  • High Voltage – Thick Film [HV03, HV05, HV06, HV10, HV12]
  • High Power – Thick Film [HP03, HP05, HP06]
  • Trimmable Chips – Thick Film [TR05, TR06]
  • Current Sense – Thick Film [CS02, CS03, CS05, CS06, CS07, CS10, CS12]
  • High Precision – Thin Film [TC02, TC03, TC05, TC06, TC10, TC12]
  • Ultra Low Chip Resistors [LR06, LR10, LR12]
  • Chip Array – Convex Type [2D02, 4D02, 4D03, 16P8, 10P8]
  • Chip Array – Concave Type [2C02, 4C02, 4C03]
  • Chip Type Kit Resistors/Coated Type Kit Resistors [0402,0603,0805,1206,2512/CFR, MFR]
  • Extra High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors HP & SP Series

Network Resistor (SIL):

  • Resistor Network [RNL]

Coated Type Resistors:

  • Carbon Film [CFR, CP, CT, CO]
  • Precision Metal Film [MFR]
  • Metal Oxide Film [MOR]
  • Fusible Film [FRN]
  • Metal Glaze Film [MGR]
  • Wire-Wound [KNP, KNS, KNH]
  • Terminal Type Of Metal Oxide [TMOR, TMOV]

Cement Type:

  • Cement (Axial Leaded) [PRW, PRWA, PRWC)
  • Cement (Radial Leaded) [PRM, PRS]
  • Cement (Radial Terminal) [PRZA, PRZC, PRZD, PRVA, PRVB, PRT, PRU)
  • Cement (Vertical or Axial Leaded) [PRWI]
  • Cement Thermal Fusible [FTR, FWI]
  • Themal Fusing Wire-Wound [TFR]
  • Themal Fusing Power Film[TFRC]
  • Power Flat Alloy[PFAS, PFAT]

Shunt & Coil Resistors:

  • Shunt [CSRA, CSRB, CSRD]
  • Coil [CSCA, CSCB, CSCC]

Industrial Power Type Resistors:

  • Power Dissipation Mount [PDM]
  • Power (Ribbon) Wire-Wound [QH, QL, QR, QRZG]
  • Aluminum Case High Power Wire-Wound [HAWR]
  • Aluminum Case High Power Wire-Wound [HEWR, HBWR]
  • Aluminum Case Multi Value Fixed Resistors [ALU]
  • Thermal Fuse Wire- Wound [ASSY]

Leadless Fixed Resistors:

  • Carbon Film [MC24, MC27, MC39]
  •  Metal Film [M24, M27, M39]

Jumper Wires:

  • Jumper Wires & Zero Ohm [ZW,ZO]

Radial / Form Type:

  • Panasert Type [Panasert]
  • Avisert Type [AVI1, AVI2 , AVI3]
  • Formed Type (M-Type, F-Type, T-Type)