Salecom’s – New Product Release

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T60-T sealed toggle switch:

– Feature: T60-T has an IP68 protection degree and 15GPA approved.

– T60-T toggle sealed SW could be used in Outdoor Heavy Equipment, such as the crane / excavator / tractor of construction machinery console.

– The development ideas of T60-T is from Honeywell & Apem.

New WTM navigation switch:

– Feature: WTM has an IP67 rating.

– It will be more lucrative, cheaper price than the normal navigation switch.

– Application: the elevator detection equipment, program-controlled switches, and industrial control equipment.

T70-T toggle switch:

– The high-quality T70-T toggle switch is made for the drone controller.

– And we supply it to Yuneec International Co. Ltd. H.K who is one of the famous manufacturers in electric aviation in the world.

SPLBL & SPL6D illuminated tact switch:

– Feature: One Led is inside the SPLBL & SPL6D.

– Application: home appliance, communication, 3C products and IT industries.

Salecom – 2016 New products Release